Research papers, theses, dissertations, product instructions and manuals, advertising copy, and other business communications are revised into well-written English.


The Facts

  • English has become the standard language in many professional journals.
  • It has become the standard language of presentation at many conferences.
  • Business communications and product literature are often in English.
  • Many international students must write theses and dissertations in English.

The Difficulties

Although the writing of international students and professionals often demonstrates a relatively good command of English, it may also reflect:

  • a degree of ambiguity in the expression of ideas,
  • errors and inconsistencies in grammar and punctuation, and
  • less-than-optimal word choice

The Solution

Such limitations can be removed through the English revision service offered here.

Examples of successful revisions include publication of research articles in Neurology, a journal with a 15 per cent acceptance rate; the Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology; Nature Neuroscience; Lancet; Corporate Finance, and several other pharmaceutical, medical, agricultural and finance journals.