American English Pronunciation

Providing accent reduction to international and native speakers of English both in person and online.

It's No Good Unless You're Understood

Instruction is offered at all levels, but we particularly specialize in the client who has attained a moderate-to-high level of competence in English and who wishes to improve further.
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  1. Accent Reduction

    General American accent, the pronunciation associated with the well-educated American, is taught.

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  2. Writing and Revision

    Revision of ms in top research journals and more. Writing instruction at moderate-to-higher levels.

  3. Evening at EMORY

    Donna Hope also teaches larger, 8-week accent reduction classes at Emory. These classes are online and are open to the general public. The next series begins on 27 September 2023.

The Book

Our program is in use in universities, community colleges, libraries, on public TV, in ESOL/EFL classes and in the practices of SLPs.

The book-audio CD program was written to meet the need of international speakers of English for clarity in both spoken language and auditory discrimination, incorporating American expressions at the same time. Buy The Book
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Areas of Study

Classes are small and individualized. Private instruction is available. Online courses are also available.
Accent Reduction

Accent Reduction

Accent reduction classes for international and native speakers of English.

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Rapid Listening

Rapid Listening

We work on increased understanding of rapid English in a relaxed and entertaining manner.

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Writing Instruction

Writing Instruction

Written communication in the client’s area of interest and/or expertise is the usual focus of writing instruction.

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A few words from some of our clients.
“The best pronunciation course. Thank you so much.”
“Great course.”
“Love the result. I’m really impressed!”
“My accent improved a lot”
“Donna is the best teacher.”

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