Writing Instruction
Writing Instruction

Writing Instruction

Written communication in the client’s area of interest and/or expertise is the usual focus of writing instruction.

At moderate-to-higher levels of writing, a pattern of errors can normally be discerned. You will learn how to identify and correct such errors and then to avoid them altogether.

Areas of focus include:

  • Grammar (ranging from prepositional to more subtle construction errors)
  • Word choice (optimal word choice, shades of meaning, connotation v. denotation)
  • Punctuation
  • Consistency
  • Clarification of ambiguous language

Types of writing may include:

  • Everyday correspondence
  • Business correspondence & reports
  • Research reports & technical papers
  • Theses & dissertations
  • Advertising copy
  • Test preparation, e.g., TOEFL, GMAT

A success story: A Brazilian woman was studying copywriting at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. Writing advertising copy requires not only expensive knowledge of the language, but also a facility in manipulating the elements of written expression. Quite an ambitious goal! When she first came to the American English School for help in developing her writing, she was on probation. Within 6 months, her work began receiving honor recognition. She was the only student chosen for an internship at a prestigious ad agency. And this Brazilian woman is now a successful copywriter.