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I thought I spoke English . . . until no one understood me.

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“I thought I spoke English . . . until no one understood me.”

A bit exaggerated? Perhaps. But this statement reflects the experience common to nearly all international speakers of English, regardless of the level of language achieved. Pronunciation is the most variable aspect of English. And, throughout the world, it is the one aspect of English that has, until recently, been given little attention.

When you learn a second language without learning its pronunciation, you tend to substitute your set of sounds for those in the second language. The particular sound substitutions you will make are logical and predictable. In this program, you will learn which errors you are making and exactly how to correct them.

Learning new pronunciation is a matter of developing or changing habit. And it is achievable, regardless of your age or how ingrained your pronunciation habits are. This program has been designed for you, the individual, regardless of your first language. It has proven effective for both individuals and for group classes.

This program has been based on work with students from many countries. And many students have completed this program. All of them have improved their pronunciation significantly. A number of them have received compliments on their American accent.

In addition, this program is rich in both formal and informal American expressions, idioms and slang. And the final page of each chapter contains exercises and cultural notes prompted, for the most part, by questions from the students themselves.