Book Features

American English Pronunciation: It’s No Good Unless You’re Understood

Book Features

The book-audio CD program was written to meet the need of international speakers of English for clarity in both spoken language and auditory discrimination, incorporating American expressions at the same time.

The approach is a phonemic one. It is based on the author’s work with adult international speakers of English from many countries.


  • Logical order of sound introduction, designed for optimal learning and retention.
  • All international speakers of English, regardless of their native language, proceed through the same logical steps.
  • Learning is cumulative: sounds learned in earlier lessons are reinforced in subsequent lessons.
  • Carryover into spontaneous speech begins in the first lesson.
  • For use in private lessons and in classes, as well.
  • Practice materials are much more extensive than those normally found in other publications.
  • The program simultaneously addresses the two areas that students the world over have found lacking in their American English preparation: PRONUNCIATION & AMERICAN EXPRESSIONS.


The program is currently in use in public libraries, universities, hospitals, language schools, on public TV, and in the private practices of speech-language pathologists and ESOL instructors both within the U.S. and internationally.